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Thursday, November 29, 2007

'Tis the Season for Giving

Yes it is the season for giving with Christmas just around the corner. Have you wondered why we restrict ourselves to giving just this time of year? Should we?

This blog is about giving. It just so happens this is the time of year for giving. It could be any time and it would would apply.

14 year old starts Library in his town: needs Books donated!

I was reading through the website of author Lois Lowry (a favorite author of mine) and discovered an opportunity to give. A Young boy, age 14, is starting a Library in his town of Rollinsford, New Hampshire. He had written Lois when he was 11 and mentioned his town did not have a Library. Reminescent of Cicero, Lois responded "I told him then that a town with no library was like a body with no heart." Being a lover of books, I agree. And this is my small part of helping.

If you would like to help 14 year old Robert (or R.J.) Bolian and his efforts to start a Library, one can make a donation to:

This is the address to which book donations should be sent:

Rollinsford Public Library
Cutter Family Properties
Suite 214
1 Front Street
Rollinsford, NH 03869

RJ Bolian, the 14 year old boy who spent three years getting this library up and running—because

his town had none—tells me that they are especially short of children's books.

You can read the original blog of Lois Lowry on this and other issues at

Give the Gift of Life!

Another gift that is always timely is the gift of life. I have been a regular donator of blood to the American Red Cross since I was 18 and old enough to donate. About a month ago the Red Cross called me. That is a fairly regular occurrence. Every 54 days for years they have called to remind me I was once again eligible to give. This call was different. This time they called wanting me to donate platelets. It is a longer process, but they need platelets for Cancer victims among others.

It took about 80 minutes for me to donate the platelets. They had a portable DVD player so I was able to watch a movie while my platelets were collected. One is able to donate platelets every 2 weeks or so compared to 54 days between blood donations. My blood is CMV negative which is the only blood newborns or peopre who are receiving an organ transplant can use. Now I must chose as two branches of the Red Cross compete - blood or platelets.

If you are healthy and able to donate blood or platelets, please do. Blood is truly a gift worth giving. You can save a life!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I have been Negligent

Wow it has been so long since I last posted. I apologize to anyone who has visited and been disappointed.

I do have my share of excuses. I have been busy with fantasy sports - I now have NFL, NBA and NHL teams, teaching elementary students as a substitute teacher and taking a 2 week trip through the middle of the US. Along with the latter, I have been working on getting the photographs I took on the trip online (some are now on my picasa page) and working on my mother's new computer and our network. Doesn't sound like a lot but when you realize I knew nothing about Hockey until after I joined the fantasy hockey league on Yahoo Sports, and take into account that I wanted to know what I was doing, then it becomes more understandable. I was learning as much as I could about Hockey and watching NBA games while I could (Dish Network had a free preview period). And I have been blogging on

If you are a fantasy sports fan you really should be participating on Screaming Sports. It is free.

Today I added a blog on just fantasy sports. It is Fantasy Sportsaholic
If you are into fantasy sports, be sure and visit my Sports Blog and book mark it.

I'll try to do a better job keeping my blogs all up to date. And check my website for a photo journal soon of our trip through Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan (including the Upper Peninsula), Indiana, and Ohio. Hopefully I will get it online this next week. It will be in the Photo section of the website.

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