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Monday, April 27, 2009

ESL Certification is coming soon

At the end of May I will begin the 60 + hour course to get certified to teach ESL. The course is offered by Oxford and will be 3 weekends (Saturday/Sunday) at my Alma Mater Hendrix College. I'm not sure where I will be going once I get certified but hopefully it will be fun. I have enjoyed teaching ESL and with a better grasp of the techniques (and classroom management) I hope it leads to even more fun somewhere - Brasil, China, Japan, Korea, Peru, Europe, somewhere I haven't been (unless it's Brasil).

Currently I am substitute teaching at Junction City Elementary and getting my vegetable garden planted. I don't expect to be going anywhere until at least late July or more likely August. I need to save every $ I can between now and then to get a laptop - preferably a MACINTOSH. Don't think I'll be able to carry this desktop Mac with me where ever I go.

If you know of some openings for an Attorney that teaches ESL drop me a line. I'm interested. Eventually I may try to get back into a corporate law department where I can work internationally but for now I'll settle for ESL.

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