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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Fake News Left and Right

 Fake News from the Left and the Right

Today's Global and Digital world has created a new problem - fake news.  It exists everywhere.

David Baldacci wrote a fictional, action novel The Whole Truth in which he described a character whose job was PM which stands for perception management.  In his end note he discusses how this is a very real situation today.  Perception management is a type of fake news, maybe the most serious form.  It is intended to create the information you then believe is real.  They control you through the information they present and how they present it.  Read Baldacci's Novel - it is enlightening on perception management.

We have seen the US Media and indeed the world media operate this way. They no longer report the Facts.  Now they report the information as they want you to believe it.  Truth is now irrelevant.

Facebook today "fact checks" any information that they consider to be damaging to the political narrative they support.  I have never seen any "fact check" on information presented by the left on Facebook although it is false or misleading.  The entire impeach Trump was based on perception management rather than fact.  Both impeachments.  There was no real facts to support either.  Yet the US and World News presented the false information as though it was fact.  Perception management.  

Because mainstream media no longer practices "objectivity" and fairness in their reporting, the public no longer trusts the main stream media.  The US Media today is like the media was in the former USSR and in jurisdictions like China today.  The public knows the news isn't the real news.  Or at least the intelligent, nongullible do.  The only difference today between the Media in China and the Media in the US is who is controlling the perception.  In China, it is the CCP.  In the US?  It is the ownership or management of the media.  This you have CNN directing it's reporters to slant the news anti-Trump and Pro-Biden.  The media ignores Hunter Biden and buries the story pre-election because of their anti-Trump bias.

Other Media outlets, but fewer, have a Right leaning.  This used to include Fox News but today Fox has largely joined the left.  The Conservative voices have fewer outlets.  They are in fact censored by the left which Twitter banning accounts that are Conservative, Facebook posting Fcat Checking notices on anything anti-Left, Amazon cancelling Parlers web hosting, etc

And this false news via perception management has now led to people hearing and believing as "true" information being sent out via podcast and video from "independent" news.  Unfortunately these sites prey on misinformation and perception management also.  This is a direct result of people knowing the mainstream media has failed.  Mainstream media are puppets rather than independent, objective journalists.  They parrot the information and view fed to them from above.  No critical thinking permitted.

Thus you have people convinced that the military is in control of the US Government today, others believe that the US Government is a corporation created and controlled by the Vatican or other foreign entities; you have people claiming there is a new world money and that the US currency is going to be replaced by it; people claiming that Trump has orchestrated everything to show the evils of the world and Trump is really still President and soon will be restored publicly to Office.  Reality is thrown aside in favor of fake perceptions.

It is almost impossible today to shift fact from fiction.  Photos and videos are easily manipulated to show what the person editing them want you to think.  Facts that are NOT facts flow quickly across the worldwide web and are gobbled down as truth.

Fake News, left and right.  

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