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Sunday, January 11, 2009

From History we learn man learns nothing from History

Oh how gullible the masses are.

As I read through the news internationally I am amazed at how many people have swallowed the HAMAS "we are the victims" propaganda. HAMAS has intentionally attacked Israel. Their stated objective is to remove Israel from the world. They do not have the man-power to do it directly so they stage terrorist attacks daily against Israel - killing a few here and a few there. Launch a few rockets daily. For what purpose? To get Israel to respond with force so HAMAS can display dead and injured civilians to the world and proclaim "Look at how bad Israel is. They are hurting innocent children and civilians".

Oh how gullible the masses are.

World-wide people are demonstrating against Israel's use of force to stop the attacks. Why? Because the news media shows citizens and children being injured and killed.

Abraham Lincoln wouldn't have fallen for it.

He reminds me of the man who murdered both his parents, and then when sentence was about to be pronounced pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan.

The HAMAS has intentionally created the situation. They intentionally dress their terrorists as civilians and when one is killed exclaim "Look, Israel killed a civilian". They hide their weapons in hospitals and mosques and schools. And if Israel bombs one to destroy the weapons, HAMAS exclaims "they are bombing the hospitals, they are bombing our schools. NO place is safe." Propaganda.

Wise-up people. HAMAS wants innocent blood shed. That is why they place weapons and their fighters among the civilians. They want to show people that innocents are being killed and cast the blame on Israel. If Israel doesn't kill enough innocents, HAMAS isn't above killing them and laying the blame on Israel (such as the attack on the UN aid supply driver). Propaganda.

All of these tactics have been used before. William Lederer and Eugene Burdick wrote about it in a book "The Ugly American". That book illustrates how disinformation can be used as a weapon. It illustrates how gullible people can be.

Innocent people are suffering in Gaza even as I write this. They are suffering not because of Israel but because of HAMAS. Israel was much more patient in responding to the atrocities of HAMAS than any of you that are casting stones at Israel would have been. They have averted casualties to civilains as much as possible while at the same time attempting to take away the terrorist threat to their country.

How many of you would support a terrorist group conducting suicide bombs in your city, against your schools, your places of worship, your restaurants? How many of you would be quiet if a terrorist group was established just outside your city and launched rockets daily in the direction of your homes, schools and businesses?

Not a one. I write this with a certainty. You would be demanding that your government take action and protect you.

Yet, is this not what Israel is doing? Yes. And you dare to cry out against them. You hypocrites! You in your glass houses casting stones at Israel.

Grow-up. You are either for terrorism or against it. If you are against it, then you should not be ranting and raving against Israel. You should be applauding them. They knew that many of you would believe the HAMAS lies and propaganda when they took the heroic step to stop them. Yes Heroic. It is easy to do the right thing when people support you. It is difficult to do it knowing it will not be popular.

The people of Gaza deserve better than the world is giving them. They desrve to live a life free from hatred, free from fear, free from bullies. So do the people of Israel. That will not happen as long as HAMAS is allowed to attack Israel.

There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as people advocate the destruction of Israel and attack Israel just as there would be no peace where you live if some terorist organization sought to destroy your nation. HAMAS needs to be removed from power. They need to be treated for what they are: terrorists. They are not victims.

The cycle of hate in Gaza also needs to be broken. Get the younger generation out of the cesspool. Start a program that will let them live and learn abroad. Let them see there is another side of life. It is amazing how travel and education can break down barriers of prejudice.

Get economic reform into Gaza. They need infrastructure and jobs. Yes I now the world economies are reeling. But employing people to rebuild and advance Gaza will aid both Gaza and the economies of countries participating.

Stand up for the rights of the people of Gaza, not HAMAS. The people of Gaza can coexist with Israel and live in peace. But not while HAMAS attacks Israel and seeks to destroy them.

HAMAS is hoping you believe their lies and propaganda. They hope you blame Israel for the atrocities in Gaza and not the real culprit - HAMAS.

JOe the Plumber has it right.

For a broader view of the Israeli - Gaza conflict, read the news from different sources. I maintain a news site on my website

I currently read the Jerusalem Post, The Middle East Times, The BBC, Fox News, and the Jordon Times. The Middle East Times has some intriguing editorials and opinions. One is and another is

Don't fall for HAMAS propaganda. That is all it is. There can be peace in the Middle East, but not while organizations like HAMAS gets your support.

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