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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Educate yourself - informed decisions not political decisions

 Should you get one of the plethora of Covid19 vaccines?

I am neither provax nor antivax.  I am 100% personal decisions based on unbiased information.

The problem?  Finding unbiased information.

The censoring of "non" sanctioned views is alarming.  Opposing views are being cancelled.  And they are being cancelled in the land of freedom - the USA.

Social Media has joined with Main Stream media to push narratives instead of factual information.

How many people now believe that wearing a mask will protect them against getting Covid19?  A lot.  Is it true based on the science?  No.  The covid19 virus is very tiny.  So tiny that it will pass through the masks the average person wears including the higher rated N95.  

Wearing a mask MAY reduce the spread of the virus IF the person wearing it has Covid 19.  May.  The truth is the science on it, last I checked, is not clear.  Some reports say it increases the spread especially if the person wearing it doesn't properly put it on, take it off or touches and moves it while wearing it - which almost everyone does.

What about the Vaccines?  Will they prevent a person from getting covid19?  Again, the science now appears to be no.  The vaccines were sold as a prevent you from getting sick but if you now check the message they have switched to "prevent you from getting as sick".  

Then why are children who seldom get sick being targeted?  What is the science?  The true science.

Recently you had 6 players on the New York Yankees baseball team get sick with covid19.  All 6 were fully vaccinated.  Yet the US government has been claiming the vaccines are 96% effective at preventing sickness.  You do the math.  MLB rosters are at 40?  Almost all the players are vaccinated?  6 out of 40 get sick at one time?  

Then there is the report from Israel that the vaccines are showing about 40% not getting sick and that it seems the longer time that passes since getting a vaccine the more likely it won't protect you.

How much protection does a person have if they had covid and recovered?  The same as a vaccinated person?  More?  Less?  what is the science.  So far we mostly have hype.

What % of the US population has antibodies against covid19 from having had covid19?  Has anyone done testing?  why not?  Wouldn't it be good science to know if the person has existing immunity before giving them a vaccination?

What percentage of people getting sick now with covid19 are vaccinated?  What percentage are recovered covid19 patients?  What percentage have never been sick nor vaccinated?

Why don't we know?

Why isn't the US government agencies collecting this data?

What is the long term health impacts of getting each vaccine?  Do we know? (the answer is obviously no).

The truth is the vaccines were approved for "Emergency Use".  That means the decision to get it / give it should be a risk-based decision and that should be made NOT by the government or the pharmaceutical companies or the media (Facebook and twitter included) nor should vaccinations be mandated by any employer.  The truth is the safety of these vaccines are unknown especially for down the road.

Is the person at high risk of getting a serious covid19 case or dying if left unvaccinated?  If so, that person should probably get the vaccine especially if the long term health is not a big issue (if you're 80 tyou probably shouldn't be overly concerned if it will cause birth defects or cancer etc in 10 years).  On the other hand, should you be giving it to a 5 year old who has almost 0% chance of serious risk if left unvaccinated.

My next post will include a personal anecdote from a lady who took tthe vaccine and now regrets it.

Get educated.  Demand that your government provide data not mandates.  Each person should be allowed to decide for their own personal self whether to get a vaccine or not.

Informed decisions.  Decisions made freely without duress or coercion.  

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